Image of Jeane

Summary: The Innocent Angel


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Gender: Male

Age: 16

Group: The Lost

Place of Origin

Early 3000's - Earth Galaxy




Hand-to-hand combat
Invisible sharp energy that surrounds his body

Physical Appearance

A fair skinned young man with lavender eyes and silver hair. He stands at only four feet eleven inches tall and has wings of a rainbow of dark colors mixed with fire-type colors. He is covered in scars from the neck down and usually wears dark blue clothes.

Personality and interests

A shy and innocent young man that just wants to be friends with everyone. He is mostly interested in technology, books, and learning how to fly.


When he was five, his father was murdered and he got sold to a monstrous man that made his life horrible. Upon his sixteenth birthday, he attempted an escape after years of compliance and suddenly finds himself in Nowhere, confused and afraid.

Items and Equipment

Beast - The long sword he has strapped to his hip
An old cellphone with a cracked screen

Player Notes

He fears men.

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