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Astra korraay

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Gender: Female

Age: 22

Group: The Lost

Place of Origin



Jedi Kinght


Force sencitive.
Particularly gifted in seeing the future ( has no real control over the ability if and when she has visions is up to GM),
Can move objects,
Jedi mind trix ( again not good at it)
Trained in lightsaber combat.

Physical Appearance

She stands about 5 feet tall ways about 100 pounds. She had long red hair and bright blue eyes.

Personality and interests

She is kind gental and only draws her lightsaber when all other options have been existed.


Astra is from an alternate star wars univers. One where only nobles can be jedi. She was adopted by count Duku when she was 13 then found out that her mother was the queen at 18 just before a boom went off taking both her father and sonfacint other with them. She now had a duel baled lightsaber one side containing her fathers crystal the other containing her own. She was headed back to sereno when a black hole dropped her ship in savige lands.

Items and Equipment

Dole bladed lightsaber. A silver braslet, and a journal

Player Notes

GM any thing I need to change

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