On To Haven

Jhonen looked to the group. "Alright enough chit chat! Gather what you need and meet me at the stables in an hour."

Gil and N'eela had already gathered all they needed so they were quick to meet Jhonen in the stables. However there were other creatures beyond horses in these stables. Large Utahraptors, alien mounts, and even some strange insects were held there. Jhonen was getting a Utahraptor prepped. Matilda was doing the same with a horse.

"Good to see you're here Gil," Matilda said with a smile. "N'eela? Still the ever-vigil companion, I see?"

"I will not leave my god-man." N'eela said with a nod. Gil rolled his eyes, still not pleased by the devotion she had for him.

Once the others arrived the group quickly made their way to Haven.


The group saw the smoke well before they reached the village. Haven was in ruins. Homes burned to the ground, others were showing clear signs of a major fight. Jhonen produced his sword and hopped off his raptor. "Everyone, search the village for survivors."

"I don't like this, Father..." Matilda said.

"Me too... The air is thick... we're being watched..." Jhonen said.

"My scanner's picking up trace signs of exotic particles." Gil said. "I think we can safely assume neverweres were here recently..."

"Be on guard, everyone. They could resurface at any time..." Jhonen said as the group began to search the village...

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