By Water and Wet Women

Gil sighed and collected his universal translator before going to Jee's door and knocking. "I'm going to leave this recorder. Just have it on you and it'll add your words to the translator... I can figure out what you're saying the hard way I guess..." Leaving the recorder on the floor in front of her door he started for the front door.

Jhonen nodded. "Very well. We'll head to the garage and grab some speeders for this then." Jhonen could sense the frustration coming off of Jin. He'd noted how he was growing frustrated with Luna. She was notoriously stubborn, almost childishly so, and Jhonen most definitely understood Jin's frustration.

He got up and collected his coat before strolling out the door and making his way to the garage to sign out some speeders for himself and Jin.

Once they were close enough to the coast, Jhonen had them stop and continue the rest of the trek on foot. Even as they made their way through the dense foliage, there was a thick energy in the air. An unease that caused the sound of the entire place to seem muted.

Jhonen was already pulling his sword as they breached the thicket and came out onto the white sand of the beach. Beyond was the coastal settlement of Tide Town. It looked like an immense boardwalk that stretched out into the sea for quite a ways. It was a fishing villa and a major port.

And it was eerily quiet.

"I don't like this..." Jhonen said as he scanned the area. "Where did everyone go?"

As they entered the town and started down the boardwalk they began to hear the sound of crying. Following it they would eventually find a woman dressed in a bathing suit, clutching at a support post on the steps of a large building. Her skin seemed to be flaking off and falling to ash and when she saw the men approach she screamed.

"Stay away! You'll get it too!" She was sobbing, clearly scared to death, and she was already trying to flee back into the building but was too weak to carry herself as more skin flaked off of her.

Jhonen looked to Jin. "You have any idea what that is?"

Whatever affliction befell the girl, it was clearly not a biological pathogen. The flakes of skin were rising off of her, carried by some supernatural force. Magic or some other power was all that it could be.


Dana tilted her head and made a pouty face. "Aww come on, Atsu. Don't leave a girl to swim alone." She swam to the shallow end and stepped up to try and coax Atsu into the pool. Her wet skin glistening in the sunlight like porcelain. Her undergarments clung to her and seemed to leave next to nothing for the imagination. Her eyes seemed to glow a dark green as she looked up at him and offered him her hand. "The water's nice..." She said, dragging the word "nice" to add some light hearted temptation.

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