When Things Go There

Jeane jerked his shoulders free, still very uncomfortable with being touched by anyone. "That sword is a part of me." He persisted. "It doesn't matter if it's put away somewhere your daughter can't get. It'll break free and cause chaos." The chaos he was speaking of could be devastating if he were kept away from it for too long.

The young man had seen the damage the sword could do when it was not with him.


Jee slowly opened the door and gazed down at the translator before letting out a heavy sigh. Making sure her mask was properly adjusted, she picked up the object and followed Gil, quickly stepping up to him and tugging on his sleeve.

She didn't want him to be so upset.


Jin'Lor grimaced at the sight of the girl, eyes narrowing. "It's magic...dark magic." He muttered as his own magic seemed to sniff out the danger around them. With one hand gripping onto a knife, he glanced around to be safe, but could not shake the feeling they were being watched.

Turning his gaze to the girl, he asked, "What happened here? We need to know if we intend to help."

If either of them took a moment to actually look up, they would see the figure crouched low atop one of the buildings. Blue eyes gazed down at them, watching and gauging their every move, but the stranger was silent. He would not engage them yet, for that was not part of the plan.

For now, he would just observe.


Atsu's three eyes could not help but look over Dana as something primal deep inside of him seemed to register what this beautiful woman was doing. If it were any other girl, the morph would accuse her of being a tease because they knew what he was. He had recently met Dana, though, and she had no clue what could happen if he caved into the desire biting at him and making his pants extremely uncomfortable.

"Do you realize how pretty you are?" He asked before he could stop himself. When what he asked finally clicked in his head, a dark blush crossed his tan skin. Sitting near the edge of the water, he was crossing his legs, hands pressed down on them to hide the effect she had on him.

He felt like some sick pervert.

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