Be Careful

Echo and Jin'Lor gladly got there with mounts, but Atsu prompted to leave his bag hanging around his neck with the long sword he always carried, yet never used. Changing into his beast form, he followed everyone and snarled the moment he smelled the smoke.

"Yeah," Jin'Lor muttered in agreement with Astra as he hopped off his mount and pulled two of his knives free. He kept his concerns over Luna to himself as he glanced around for anything hostile. The sensors in the machinery hidden within were scanning everything, taking in all the scents and sights.

As for Echo, he thrilled at the idea of getting to fight something, but was glad Whisper had opted out of coming with them. When they had arrived and Gil mentioned the Neverweres she had fallen into a horrible fit. The episode had taken some time to recover from and he did not wish for her to relapse.

Looking to Astra, he gave her a quick thumbs up as encouragement. "Just be careful," He told her and followed Jhonen and Matilda's lead to check the area out.

Atsu, on the other hand was as stubborn as ever and lumbered off on his own through Haven like a foolish child. He had never been good at following orders, especially when it was someone of authority. Besides, he doubted anything would waste its time attacking a giant furry deformed beast.

So, not listening to any possible protests, he wandered about with curiosity and sniffed the ground, letting out low growls.

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