Survivors and Those They Survived

Jhonen and Matilda surveyed the village while Echo was not far behind them. The entire place was still eerily silent. The air heavy like they were all being watched. Both Crosses were on edge, their weapons at the ready.

Then they heard a strange beeping coming from one of the lodges and turned their weapons onto the lodge.

"Gah! Don't shoot! Friendlies inside!" Came a voice.

"Who?" Jhonen asked.

"Doctor Elden Gen! Starfleet! One of the few people in this miserable little mystery box that can patch up bullet holes and T. Rex bites!" Gen stepped out, hands raised. Upon seeing Jhonen he lowered them and rolled his eyes. "But then you'd know that already, Papa Dragon."

"Don't call me that, slug gut." Jhonen said with a frown.

The two of them stared one another down before both burst out into laughter.

Matilda rolled her eyes. "Are you the only one to make it?

Gen shook his head. "No. I was able to kajigger a shield out of my phaser and some spare parts. Ten patients and my two nurses. We'll need help getting them out of here."

"No problem we'll get some dragons in here to airlift them out once we've secured the area." Jhonen went to his radio and hailed Gil. "Cross to Ratchet. Found survivors. We need comms back up to call a medevac."


Gil and N'eela were surveying the town hall when they got the call from Jhonen. "Alright, we'll get over there."

Then N'eela's head fringes began to stand on end.

"N'eela?" Gil frowned as he readied his bolt gun.

"They're here!" N'eela said in a hushed tone.

"Cross! We have neverweres!"

Small warps in space started to take shape across the village, these warps eventually shaping into black orbs that gradually began to take various shapes. Some of them animal-like and others humanoid. They started to roam around, looking for living beings to attack. And soon enough Gil and N'eela's presence was discovered and they were being attacked.

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