Atsu was close to Gil and N'eela when the Neverweres found them. Snarling, he rushed to them and bit down onto the first he came upon, teeth cutting in harshly before he threw it aside. To keep them away from the technological savvy man and his medic, he stayed in beast form and put himself between them and the attackers.

The more he took out, the more seemed to appear. Atsu knew he was running out of stamina, knew he would be forced to revert back to his human form soon. If only he could end this fight now...

But he knew that was not possible. These were Neverweres after all.


Echo, like Matilda, rolled his eyes and shook his head. "This is amusing."

"Cross! We have neverweres!"

Hearing that almost made Echo's blood run cold. "We need to get to them!" He snapped and rushed toward where he knew Gil and N'eela were.


Jin'Lor had opted to stick behind for Astra's sake and frowned. He could feel the dark energy swirling through the air and grimaced. "Something isn't right..." He muttered and looked up toward where Luna was flying.

If he kept his eyes on her, he would know exactly where they needed to go.

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