The Many People Of Cradle

To most living in the Cradle it was a safe haven to go to thanks to the many warriors and hunters that lived there, but for Atsu it was just another place he had to stay on guard in. He had been woken up by the call to meet and growled his confirmation to be there, only to toss the offending communicator across the room and fall back to sleep.

It was why he only arrived when Jhonen posed his question.

He looked to Gil and Gil merely nodded. "Or something else has happened. In either case, we need to look into it. However, like usual, this is on a voluntary basis so any of you who want to join in simply speak now."

Confusion crossed his face, furred ear twitching as he bit onto the cigarette in his mouth. "What's he talking about?" He asked Echo in a low tone, who was crouched by the entrance sharpening his bone dagger.

The masked hunter looked to him from the corner of his eye and shook his head. "You showed up late. Go ask him yourself, brat." Echo answered as he looked over the knife and stood up. Looking to Whisper, his younger sibling, earned him a frown and a few hand signs from the pale haired girl.

She did not wish to go.

As the three eyed male grumbled something rude and incoherent, Echo spoke up first. "I'll go, but Whisper wants to stay. She has a few patient's that need looking after and wouldn't want anything to happen while she's gone. If N'eela comes along, she'll let her borrow a few of her tools and the medical journal she keeps."

Sitting in a corner, twirling his own knife, Jin'Lor kept his gaze on the only woman with wings in the room. "If Luna's going, I will." He chuckled with a smirk toward her before turning serious. "The hand-to-hand combat training she's been helping me with has actually been coming in handy. I can wield my katana better and faster. I'd like a chance to test it out."

So, with a wave of his hand, the geneticist sheathed his knife. "So, yeah, I'm up for this."

Atsu shifted uncomfortably, realizing they were planning to go somewhere. His eyes fell to Matilda and Jhonen, trying to figure out what exactly was going on without having to ask. Arriving in this place had been something of a pleasure for him, a freedom from the nightmare back in his world. No one was chasing him down to kill him anymore, unless one counted the wildlife.

But, the three eyed young man counted himself as part of said wildlife, so that was nothing new. He just did not want to disappoint Jhonen, who seemed to always be the one in charge as far as he was aware.

"Sure, I'll go." Atsu finally chimed, despite not having a clue about what was going on. He would just ask Jin'Lor later, if he could pry the man's attention away from Luna for a moment.

Until then, though, Atsu would just play along and keep smoking his cigarette in an attempt to mask the pain irritating him.

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