Now mission

Luna, cerenity, were both there at the meeting. Cerenity happy hanging out near Gill. Luna was glad for a monetary brake. " ill go" cerenity said happly. Luna shook her head and looked at whisper.

" I am going, whisper would you be able to watch cerenity while we are gone" Luna asked.

" but mommy im not a baby" cerenity whined. Luna glared at her. " cerenity its dangerous and you are a child your not going end of story" Luna said.

Cerenity stomped her foot crossed her arms and opend her wings. " its not fair eveyone treats me like a baby." Luna glared at cerenity witch queted her protest and she hide behind Jhonen.

Astra was there around the same time at Atsu. " I don't know if I can help but I'll try" she said quietly.

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