Jhonen let out a small sigh and shook his head at Jee. "I'm sorry. I haven't seen anyone like that." He wished he had something more substantial to say, but he didn't.

Then Luna protested his recommendation. He sighed again. "Luna, the boy has suffered... and it was at the hands of a man. Any man here would send him into a panic. Right now he needs to be resting and recuperating."

"I agree." Gen said. "I'll consult with the female staff but I agree with Jhonen. He needs time to work through his trauma."

Gil looked at the papers and nodded. "I'll keep these safe. Only I will ever use them, and only to help you, I promise." Gil was sincere.


N'eela could practically feel the pain radiating off of Atsu and stroked his hair gently. "You are loved, friend Atsu. Know this. We feel the same for you as you do us. We are all different, from different worlds, but we are here now, together." She kept stroking his hair. "Now... I will look into your pain... See if I or one of the other healers has an answer for you." She certainly hoped there was a way to help him. Atsu was a kind soul and this moment of weakness had shown her a deeper side to him, a side that hurt deeply.

She wanted to help him. She would help him.

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