Thanks, Determination, And Shame

Jee let out a sigh and set the papers down where Jhonen had gotten them from before leaving the room. She wanted to give Jeane some time to rest and recuperate while she tried to wrap her head around everything. Walking around outside should help with that, she assumed.

Gripping her weapon, the Nail, she walked a good while to clear her head.


Echo grimaced and went to a few knives and some bows with their appropriate arrows. "What about these?" He inquired, looking to Astra. "I'm going to help you. You're strong and I can tell you've got the determination to survive this place."


Jin'Lor nodded. "Thank you, Gil." He said in a surprisingly soft tone. "I'll see you when it's time to go." With that said, he walked back to his knives and started to sharpen them again.


Atsu nodded toward N'eela, his body shaking slightly. "If...if it helps..." He breathed out through the pain. "It feels like I'm on fire." He was unsure of why the burning sensation always coupled itself with the pain, but it was always there.

He felt so ashamed of how weak this pain made him.

"Please, don't let the others see me like this..." He whispered.

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