Getting Things Settled

As the three eyed male grumbled something rude and incoherent, Echo spoke up first. "I'll go, but Whisper wants to stay. She has a few patient's that need looking after and wouldn't want anything to happen while she's gone. If N'eela comes along, she'll let her borrow a few of her tools and the medical journal she keeps."

N'eela nodded with a low bow. "I'm always happy to accept Whistper's help."

Jhonen nodded. "That's fine. I'm glad to have you on board Whisper."

"Sure, I'll go." Atsu finally chimed, despite not having a clue about what was going on. He would just ask Jin'Lor later, if he could pry the man's attention away from Luna for a moment.

Until then, though, Atsu would just play along and keep smoking his cigarette in an attempt to mask the pain irritating him.

Matilda took note of Atsu's distress. Wondering why he seemed intent on suffering in silence when they had two healers in the room. However now was not the time to press him for questions. She'd do that later.

Then Luna volunteered, prompting an argument between her and her daughter. Cerenity stomped her foot crossed her arms and opend her wings. " its not fair eveyone treats me like a baby." Luna glared at cerenity witch queted her protest and she hide behind Jhonen.

Jhonen regarded the winged girl with a warm smile. A part of him wondered if this is what Matilda would've been like if she'd had a normal upbringing. He looked to Luna, nodding his assurance that Cerenity was fine where she was and he wasn't bothered by Cerenity. In fact he was enjoying the little tantrum she was throwing.

"Cerenity," Jhonen said as he knelt down to her face and put his hand on her shoulder. "You know you're my number one ranger, right?"

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