He's Begging For That Sweet Release...

Jhonen smiled at her. "I'm always partial to the stego-steak and purple potatoes. The gravy's to die for. But if you're not a meat eater like I am, the veggie-medley is pretty good."

He sat down at the table and waited for their food to arrive, all the while he studied Jee. "You understand me... but you aren't able to speak? Given your build you seem humanoid enough. So I can't imagine it's a case that you don't have a mouth like ours that can form the words. What's your story?"


N'eela studied the text and frowned. "It is some kind of magic buildup..." She frowned and thought for a moment. "Perhaps he needs..." her feathers ruffled. "Release...?" She knew how it sounded. She looked to Whisper with a questioning look.


Once morning came Gil was already out by the gates of the settlement getting a utahraptor ready to ride. All he had to do was wait for Jin, Luna, and Matilda to get here...

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