Preparation And Observation

Happy that N'eela appreciated her help, Whisper gladly stepped over to the lizard girl and handed over the medical journal along with a few of her freshly repaired and cleaned tools. With a few hand signs, she offered her hopes of a safe journey for the group.

To be away from Echo for a long period of time was a bit distressing for the younger sibling, but Whisper truly did not wish to leave Cradle. The patient's that she cared for here truly needed her presence at the time. If she left, it could end badly.

So, all she could do was trust that N'eela would take care of everyone.

As for Echo, he was already back to sharpening his dagger while leaning against the wall. Being a trained warrior, all he really did was hunt and keep the place safe, so it felt more like he was waiting on everyone else. He did not mind, though, knowing Jhonen simply wanted to be prepared.

Jin'Lor glanced to Luna with a smile. "You can't blame her for wanting to help. Cerenity's a smart kid and just wants to stay with you." He explained and got to his feet. "Figured out reading really fast when I taught her that."

When he had learned that Cerenity couldn't read or write, the geneticist had taken it upon himself to teach her. Of course, now he almost regretted doing this because the child was always demanding more material to read. It was much more difficult to get books here then he expected, so keeping the child busy required some creativity.

Standing near the door, Atsu looked to Astra and arched an eyebrow. "Do you even have any weaponry?" He asked with more bitterness to his voice than intended. "I mean...I get that you want to help, but you don't look like someone who can fight."

Again, he realized how bitter his tone sounded and clamped his mouth shut. It was bad enough he had been late to this meeting, which he knew was going to get him in trouble. Every time he had been asked to do something, Atsu had confirmed he would do it, only to procrastinate and procrastinate...until he got in trouble for it.

Sighing, he finished off his cigarette and started another while watching Jhonen convince Cerenity to stay behind. His eyes narrowed when he noticed Matilda observing him, but said nothing of it and just turned his gaze away.

Atsu just wanted to get moving at this point. Maybe he could avoid another lecture...

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