Tiny Jawa Writings

Jee looked at Jhonen from behind the mask and tapped at the chin of it for a long time. She was a little wary of sharing information about herself, especially since things were so strange and new here. But, this man had an air around him that said she could trust him. Sure, he was a giant compared to her height, but that did not mean he was a monster.

Jhonen had been kind to her this entire time, after all.

So, grabbing the notepad, she wrote down a few little things about herself and the travels she had done, showing him the information. It would explain where she was from and what she was doing before waking up here.

With that done, she wrote down a question for him: "What are you to these people? They seem to have a lot of respect for you."


Whisper tilted her head to the side and signed to N'eela. "But, how do we get the magic to do that?" With magic being illegal in her world, that meant the mute did not know much about it. If Atsu needed the fire to be taken out, they would have to find a way for him to break whatever barrier was locking it up inside of him.


Jin'Lor smiled to Luna and went to get her something to eat. "Here, you'll need it since we're heading out in the morning." He told her as he returned with food and handed it to the winged woman.

After they got some needed rest, Jin'Lor helped wake Luna up so they could go meet Gil. He pulled on his knife belt and slipped into his coat before tying back his hair. "Ready?" He asked Luna calmly. "I'm pretty sure Gil is waiting for us."

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