Jhonen smirked and nodded, realizing he was patronizing Cerenity. "Sorry, well, then in that case, if you really want to help then help Whisper at the hospital, and before you try to complain, remember that your mother would agree to help the sick and injured if I asked her to for the benefit of the village. That is an order, ranger."

N'eela nodded and accepted Whisper's notes with a small reptilian smile. She could read the girl's body language better than she could make out words in English.

Jhonen then turned his attention to Astra. He was unsure of her capabilities as a fighter, but she had yet to be truly tested. It was going to be a question of whether she could step up when needed to, and it seems she was trying to do just that. "Fine... you can join, but know that this may get dangerous. You listen to what I say, when I say. Understood?"

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