Blushing Frankenboy

Jee curiously wandered about the market, the eyes of her mask seeming to glow. She was enthralled by all the different creatures and the many items on display. The one thing that caught her attention the most was a pink set of robes. Walking up to them, she turned to Jhonen and tugged the fabric of his pants like a child.


Atsu turned his gaze to Dana before dropping the cigarette and stomping it out. "I just...erm...yeah, you helped." He felt the heat of a blush rising to his face. "I heard Gen yelling in there...hope he didn't hurt your ears too much."

Taking a moment to actually look the girl over, the morph could not stop the smile that crossed his face. "You're a lot prettier awake than asleep." He said without thinking.

The blush on his face only grew darker.


Jin'Lor's used his katana as a makeshift shield against the attack, only for his eyes attention to be caught by Luna when she dived toward Iram. "Luna!" He yelled, obvious worry written on his face.

Aware of how fragile her bones were, he kicked at Iram's legs in an attempt to assist her at knocking him down. "God or not, you will leave my family and friends alone!" He seethed.

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