Not So Easy As Before

Jhonen smiled at Jee and nodded. "Want those?" He looked to the vendor. "Marshall Cross, you can put it on my official tab." The vendor, a somewhat surly ottsel in custom made clothing, nodded as he put the robes in a bag and handed it to Jee.

"They will look good on you, though it is such a shame to hide a pretty girl as such." The ottsel said, and realizing what he said he shrugged. "I'm a tailor, I can see from the way those robes hang on you that you're quite the looker underneath." He looked to Jhonen and winked at him before tending to another customer.

Jhonen shrugged as he looked down to Jee. "See anything else you like? I can get anything you want."


Dana noted the swirl of emotions she could see radiating off of Atsu as he spoke. Her eyes showed more than what a blush and body language dared to betray. She smiled and shrugged. "Most doctors freak out when they examine me. I was murdered and chopped up into several pieces and then put back together with Frankenstein science and Eldritch magic. I don't give off any life readings or typical signs of life." She sighed. "Most people are freaked out by me..." She looked to him, noting his similar scars. "But I think you understand that better than most."


Iram was knocked back by the force of both attacks from the two assailants. However he did not fall, he merely slid back several feet before lowering his gaze at them. "You fail to see the gravity of your situation..." He said as he extended his hand out and gestured the ground where Jin and Luna stood. A pulse erupted from his hand and hit the ground, sending dust flying up before suddenly falling far faster than expected as the gravity in the immediate area increased exponentially.

Gil moved fast, having moved through the dense foliage before getting around behind Iram. He knew Iram's suit, he had built it after all, and just like before the fool had an array of life support systems built in and various redundancies to keep himself alive for almost every imaginable scenario. That is, except for a simple one...

Gil had managed to slink up behind Iram and with a single stab with a screwdriver Gil had successfully severed Iram's connection to the rest of his suit. A neural cluster that he'd used to defeat Iram before. Iram froze as his robotic body came to a stop, and thus ending the gravity pulse that had threatened to flatten Jin and Luna. Gil then proceeded to jab a hacking probe into Iram's suit and proceed to activate the same old code he'd programmed to cause Iram's suit to self destruct. However as he activated the code he was surprised when he saw Iram's head shoot off of his shoulders and turn to glower at him as it hovered high in the air.

"You'll pay for that, you worm!" Iram bellowed as he fired a pair of lasers at Gil. Gil wasn't able to avoid the shot and was thrown back as the lasers burned into him. He couldn't even cry out as he tumbled into the brush. "I know you have defeated another version of me, you little shit! I prepared for our encounter!" Then he looked up to Azriel as he finally cleaved the dragon in two with a single slice of his wings. "We best retreat for now!" And with that Iram's helmeted skull shimmered out of view and disappeared.

Azriel glared at the group and chuckled. "Very well... at least now you know your enemy... We shall meet again." Azriel cut at the air in front of him, opening a portal as he slipped through it and it quickly disappeared behind him.

Matilda had been waiting to attack either Iram or Azriel but upon seeing Gil get shot she went to him and was quick to try and tend to his wounds. "Guys! Gil's hurt, bad!"

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