Whisper smiled happily and bowed to N'eela respectfully before walking over to Echo and hugging him. Getting a hug back along with a few comforting words from her brother, the pale haired healer walked over to Cerenity and offered a kind hand to the child.

Jin'Lor felt heat rise to his face and awkwardly hugged Luna back so he would not touch her wings. Seeing Cerenity throw a temper tantrum was rather hilarious and he could not stop the grin that crossed his face.

"Hey, Cerenity," Jin'Lor finally called to the three year old. "Be good for Whisper and I'll get you some more books to read."

Astra glared at Atsu. " you know as well as anyone else her that I am a ballet dancer so no I don't have any weapons" she snaped crossing her arms.

Atsu stared at the ballet dancer and rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah...get your tutu out of your ass." He practically growled and mentally punched himself. Why couldn't he just stop being a total jerk to people today?

Jhonen then turned his attention to Astra. He was unsure of her capabilities as a fighter, but she had yet to be truly tested. It was going to be a question of whether she could step up when needed to, and it seems she was trying to do just that. "Fine... you can join, but know that this may get dangerous. You listen to what I say, when I say. Understood?"

Letting out a snort he could not stop, Atsu made his way toward the door. He needed to get outside before something else unintentionally rude spilled out of his mouth. It was not that he disliked Astra, but that he saw no reason to put herself in dangers way. The fact that she felt the need to join them on a dangerous journey that would obviously include fighting irritated him to no end.

Sighing heavily once he was out of earshot, Atsu gazed back toward them. "Just keep them at armlength...don't get attached. They'll want you dead eventually, too." He muttered and dropped his cigarette, stomping it out.

Echo shook his head at the sight and walked over to Astra and Jhonen. "I can keep an eye on you, but here." He said and held out the dagger he had been sharpening along with its sheath. "You've got the muscle to stab something if it gets too close."

Despite his worry for the girl, Echo was confident that Astra could take care of herself in a fight.

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