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Summary: A fate obsessed gun for hire, a coping mechanism for a grizzled medic's doubts and past.

Gemini Foster

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Group: Humans

Melee Weapon

Daggers, of course, because who doesn't have a few of those? He likes to keep them light and throwable. Secondarily defibrillators. Gemini is a medic first, but the shock resultant from his portable defibs can lead to shocking results.


Gemini isn't new combat medicine, and as a result of his lost patients and comrades absolutely HAS to believe that things are predetermined, destined, fate.

He keeps all sorts of games of chance on him. Dice, playing cards, coins. Anything that he can flip just so he can say "that's the way it was meant to be."

Although there is an inkling in him that doesn't truly believe this. He continues his medical role as a way to thumb his nose at the higher powers that may be. He attempts, if he can, to reverse fate. To prove that perhaps there is free will after all, and that he just may be able to save everyone.


Mostly reflection on past mistakes. It isn't loss that gets him, it's trying to convince himself that he couldn't have done any more than he did. Regret kills Gemini, and as a result he has to fill in the blanks with excuses and resignations.

Due to this, his biggest fear purely is failure. He strives pretty heavily to be the best in all things he can control, which is why he takes so much comfort in things he can't.


"Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing."
"You can't control what you can't control."


Strength | 1
Dexterity | 2
Agility | 3
Fighting | 2
Stamina| 3
Intelligence | 5
Awareness | 3
Presence | 4


Defibrillators and injectable stimulants will be Gemini's main weapons. He's there for his team foremost. In a pure meta sense, healing and buffing will be his mechanic. In a gameplay sense, he is a motivator and interested in a peer-leader dynamic rather than ruling from the top like a commander or team leader. Secretly it's his aim to disprove the elements of fate in the world despite his outward projection of embracing it.


He keeps his weapons in the realm of personal defense. He can fight, but he's more worried about keeping his teammates up and slinging the lead. His two primary choices are either an SMG with a fast rate of fire or a short barreled shotgun with a big thump even if it is only a short range weapon.


Gemini has always admired the old wild west and the sort of freedom of choices the old cattle rustlers must have had before the world got so damn crazy. As a result he carries a pair of high powered revolvers. They pack a wollop but are slow to reload as any wheel gun is.


His portable defibrillators to pick up teammates will be a key component.

Gemini will also want to be a chemist of sorts to develop his injectable stimulants. These can give temporary bonuses to his friends as he brews them. He can do the deed himself or hand these out in auto injectors to his allies to utilize.

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