This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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- I accept the use of curse words, but I do not accept the overuse of them. If a character curses like a sailor I want you to say out loud and if you can't it's probably too excessive.

- M rated content is allowed, but it must be fade to black wherever we decide to host the RP and I will create a discord channel dedicated for it should it happen. (This can happen with NPCs as I don't like for a character to actually succeed at flirting and then nothing significant happens.)

- I have no post length requirement, but I do wish to see any post that is added to attempt to move the story forward. Reaction posts are not necessary, you are in a world with the objective you designed for your character. They should always be moving toward that objective.
** In addition to this I do have a bar when it comes to grammar. I and anyone else reading should be able to clearly understand what is being said.

- Come to me if there is any issue. I don't want to cause fighting amongst you. So talk with me if it is something relating to the game and respect my decision please. If you have read these rules put the name of the game and your discord tag in the character blurb section.

- This is a dice game using the Mutants & Masterminds system. I keep a copy of all your character sheets and do calculations for you on my end. The game will make use of a character being encumbered, managing/repairing equipment and drawing their weapon. (These are things you will encounter very often.)

- The primary function of this story is that you are a mercenary group. The game itself is very open world and puts an emphasis on building a base of operations. If there is going to be a split in the party I request that it be half and half. So that I only have to manage two different scenes rather than 3+.
**( Ex: 5 characters. 4 in 1 scene and 1 in 1 scene is still considered half and half because I am managing only two scenes.)

- Be respectful

- The top part of your post should contain the content. The things you say and do go here. Then divide the post using dashes, periods, whatever suits your fancy and below make clear to me the GM what actions you are trying to do.

Quincy looked at the marvelous woman. He glanced up, down, left, and right, as he leaned over the bar with the piece of straw hanging out his mouth and a smirk plastered across his face.

"You. Me. Upstairs." He says with daring confidence.

I'd like to seduce the bartender into coming upstairs with me.
Example End

- Never announce an action as if it has happened. Saying, "I hit them." Means it has happened when the dice have yet to determine your fate, but saying, "I go to hit them." means the action is in the process of happening and we will find out what happens when it misses or connects.

View the characters tab. There is a sample sheet posted there that describes what I need in each section. Character Group refers to race. I will have a description of the races, a link to the map (need to figure out how I can share it with you all), and a closer look at the world of Aereos up soon. It is very late at the time of making this.

Once you get to stats refer back to here to see descriptions of the stats.

Strength measures sheer muscle power and the ability to
apply it. Your Strength rank applies to:
• Damage dealt by your unarmed and strength-based
• How far you can jump (based on an Athletics skill check).
• The amount of weight you can lift, carry, and throw.
• Athletics skill checks.

Dexterity is a measure of hand-eye coordination, precision, and manual dexterity. Your Dexterity rank applies to:
• Attack checks for ranged attacks.
• Sleight of Hand and Vehicles skill checks.
• Dexterity checks for feats of fine control and precision when a specific skill doesn’t apply.

Fighting measures your character’s ability in close combat, from hitting a target to ducking and weaving around
any counter-attacks. Your Fighting rank applies to:
• Attack checks for close attacks.
• Parry defense, for avoiding close attacks.

Agility is balance, grace, speed, and overall physical coordination. Your Agility rank applies to:
• Dodge defense, for avoiding ranged attacks and other hazards.
• Initiative bonus, for acting first in combat.
• Acrobatics and Stealth skill checks.
• Agility checks for feats of coordination, gross movement, and quickness when a specific skill doesn’t apply.

Stamina is health, endurance, and overall physical resilience. Stamina is important because it affects a character’s ability to resist most forms of damage. Your Stamina
modifier applies to:
• Toughness defense, for resisting damage.
• Fortitude defense, for resisting effects targeting your
character’s health.
• Stamina checks to resist or recover from things affecting your character’s health when a specific defense doesn’t apply.

Presence is force of personality, persuasiveness, leadership ability and (to a lesser degree) attractiveness. Presence is useful for heroes who intend to be leaders as well
as those who strike fear into the hearts of criminals with
their presence. Your Presence modifier applies to:
• Deception, Intimidation, and Persuasion skill checks.
• Presence checks to influence others through force of
personality when a specific skill doesn’t apply

While Intellect covers reasoning, Awareness describes common sense and intuition, what some might call “wisdom.” A character with a high Intellect and a low Awareness may be an “absent-minded professor” type, smart but not always aware of what’s going on. On the other hand, a not so bright (low Intellect) character may have great deal of common sense (high Awareness). Your Awareness modifier applies to:
• Will defense, for resisting attacks on your mind.
• Insight and Perception skill checks.
• Awareness checks to resolve matters of intuition
when a specific skill doesn’t apply.

Intellect covers reasoning ability and learning. A character
with a high Intellect rank tends to be knowledgeable and
well-educated. Your Intellect modifier applies to:
• Expertise, Investigation, Technology, and Treatment
skill checks.
• Intellect checks to solve problems using sheer brainpower when a specific skill doesn’t apply.