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Summary: Stalwart captain of the Flying Dutchman.


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Gender: Male

Age: 35

Group: Adventurers / Player Characters

Physical Appearance

Standing 6' 1" tall, this tan skinned man has an impatient, almost hostile feel about him.
He has a sharply squared jaw that's obviously been broken years ago and crudely set. He has shoulder-length, scruffy, black hair. His hands appear calloused and uncaring. His grey eyes are distinctive and make it easy to pick him out of a group.

Personality and interests

Murdock isn't a man out to change the world, just his lot in it. He's practical and often becomes impatient with others who hold him up. He can come across as uncaring, but those who get to know him know better.

He has an intense interest in maps and charts and will often go out of his way to obtain even thoroughly antiquated ones. When waylaid at Atolls for any length of time, he can usually be found atop a building sketching the settlement.

Brief History

Murdock was born a Smoker. At the impressionable age of 13 he went on his first raid and participated in the plundering of a small, nameless Atoll. In the end, dozens were killed and the entire settlement burned. ...And Murdock's hands were stained with blood. Years passed and the sight of death, the smell of burning carcasses, the sticky feel of drying blood all became common place for him. And he would have continued on that path of piracy and murder, if not for a fateful day when a raid went horribly awry. Scouts had underestimated the defenses of a Fortress Atoll. Too few ships, too few men, too few guns to get the job done. Murdock and his gang crashed on the fortress walls like water onto a rock. A bomb- maybe a rocket, hit his speedboat. When the battle was over, his bleeding body was fished out of the water by passing scavengers. When he came to, the Smokers had moved on and abandoned him for dead. More than fifteen years have passed now, and he looks back on his past like an old wound that will never quite close and heal over. The scavengers became his adoptive family and tought him another way of life. Following their tails of an island amongst the endless waters, he eventually set out to find the mythical Dryland for himself and end the voyage that has been his whole life.

Skills / Drawbacks

Navigation - Can read charts and maps with ease and navigate by stars at night.

Intestinal fortitude - Cannot be intimidated either by another human being or by a treacherous situation.

Impatient - Hates waiting around

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Image of Murdock
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