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Summary: A survivor,

Riz Zamin (Worm)

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Gender: Male

Age: 28

Group: Adventurers / Player Characters

Physical Appearance

Middle eastern, shaved head, short goatee, gills, slightly webbed hands and feet. Loose and tattered clothing.

Personality and interests

Understands the value of money and often steals things, but he won’t steal from or sell out his friends. He values connections more than money.

He is a anxious and subservient to others. He is adaptable and a survivor.

Brief History

Born a Mariner to normal parents who ditched the Smoker life, Riz learned to make a living at the bottom, using craft and skill and thievery to make his way in the savage Waterworld. When he was 9 years old, he was taken in as a servant by a settlement where he was usually treated like rubbish (being treated like dirt is no longer a negative simile). They dubbed him Worm or Chum because he was an excellent fisherman and great at being live bait, for large aquatic animals since his gills allowed him to stay underwater for extended periods of time.

He came across the wreckage of a destroyed ship with loads of glass jars full of different dirt samples from around the world. Little did he know that this was a Smoker’s plunder. They noticed him leaving quickly and have been tracking him down ever since. He is trying to get out of dodge as soon as possible.

Skills / Drawbacks

Skilled at crafting nets, grappling hooks, harpoon shooting, spearing, sneaking, swimming, and can breath underwater.

He is not a very healthy man. Although he is athletic, he is thin and sickly.

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Image of Riz Zamin (Worm)
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