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Jefferson Fortingly (Jay)

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Gender: Male

Age: 34

Group: Adventurers / Player Characters

Physical Appearance

Jay is fairly fit, although his bones show through to reveal his hunger like many others. He is dark complected and dark haired, with a scruffy short beard. He manages to stay trim.

He wears cheap leathers and plastics, and always has his sun-visor helmet on with a hood underneath. He carries a small pistol which he almost never uses, a small bootknife, and a fairly decent wakazashi he picked up long ago.

Personality and interests

Jay is a trader and a traveler. He rarely tries to get into the middle of things other than trades of small goods. He occasionally deals with dirt and hydro, but avoids those given the propensity to draw smokers or other brutes.

He is stoic and well spoken, quiet and humble, but he has a sharp tongue if you get pushy.

Jay loves to measure and chart, although he does not have a large collection of maps or paper. He has a small pad that he keeps notes and counts on. He would love to get himself on some proper maps.

Brief History

Jefferson was born to a wealthy family line, even after the deluge. The Fortinglies managed to keep a rather large flotilla of boats, including supplies and weapons, for several generations. When Jay was a kid, that all went to hell in a handbasket as they were attacked by Smokers. Your typical rich-boy-felled-by-smokers. But Jay would not seek revenge, he would seek to survive.

As he got older, he upgraded his boats and his own kit, usually opting to have a couple partners to sail with. Traveling in threes, they always had each others' backs and yet stayed off any larger radars. They would travel from atoll to atoll in search of better trades, supplies, and a mostly-quiet life.

Waterworld would not allow that forever, though. She's a cruel beast, and would bring another attack on Jay - one of his partners went dark and disappeared, only to betray them and go after their supplies for an atoll that wasn't so kind. In the foray, and with quite a bit of luck, Jay was able to survive, although both his partners (and the thugs that came with the attack) were dead.

Now with just a small raft of a boat, Jay plots his way to the nearest neutral outpost to heal and to resupply once more.

Skills / Drawbacks

-Combat (he's decent, but it's not a forte)
-Socially Awkward
-Oddly enough he can't gamble for crap
-Sailing/Piloting/Mechanic (again, decent, but not great)

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Image of Jefferson Fortingly (Jay)
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