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Summary: A sharpshooter, herbalist, and a fighter who used wisdom as a dump stat.

Eliza Hawthorne

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Gender: Female

Age: 27

Group: Adventurers / Player Characters

Physical Appearance

Well dressed and groomed by atollian standards, Eliza appears to be rather preppy and pampered, with only a rather built frame and a few scars to tell a contrasting tale. She generally carries herself with confidence if not grace.

Eliza stands at 5'10", weighs about 150 pounds, and has dirty blonde hair and amber eyes.

Personality and interests

Well read and adventurous, Eliza's interests range from herbalism and mechanical systems to sailing, shooting, and martial combat. Coming from a relatively wealthy background and possessing a bold personality, she was afforded the means to pursue these interests.

While doubtlessly privileged, intelligent, strong, and remarkably skilled, she is held back by terrible foolishness, naivete, vanity, and impulsiveness that results in a lot of poor decisions, especially where trading is involved.

Brief History

Her father the powerful and respected Enforcer of Wayville and her mother the daughter of the then-mayor of the same settlement at a time when the town was growing, the world was Eliza's oyster. Following her mothers passion for planting and her father's passion for fighting, Eliza took advantage of her doting parents to learn all she could without concern for the cost...

As she grew up, Eliza became attached to three gifts from her family in particular that would significantly influence her life.

The first was a compound crossbow (which she eventually named Gabby) from her father, which with considerable tutoring and target practice, she became remarkably proficient at shooting. Maintaining and upgrading the weapon became of lifelong hobby of hers and instilled a desire to learn more about mechanical systems so that she could improve the reliability of Gabby, but that knowledge would prove to be valuable in other areas of her life as well.

The second gift was her own sailboat. For a year or so Eliza took great joy in taking the vessel out for a spin, but that particular hobby didn't stick with her as much as the others...

The third and arguably the most valuable gift she received was a set of mobile planters with (quite significantly) the dirt and seeds she needed to start her own garden. Of course dirt being as precious as it is, Eliza couldn't exactly leave her plants out in the open and expect to see them there the next day, so she got into the habit of taking her planters with her as she went onto her boat, in essence walking her plants as one would walk a dog.

Unfortunately, Eliza wasn't exactly discrete about her activities, and she eventually became predictable enough that she got mugged. While her father (being Wayville's leading law enforcement official and all) wasn't one to let such a crime against his own daughter slide, and the perpetrator was made into a messy example, the incident also brought about a desire in Eliza to learn to defend herself, which, under the tutelege of her father and some of his officers, she did.

Eliza would make something of a career for herself using these skills and following in her father's footsteps. With his begrudging blessing, Eliza became a bounty hunter once she became old enough, tracking down fugitives in town and in neighboring atolls. For awhile, she had a rather unimpressive track record, being greatly held back by her lack of common sense and street smarts, but her inherited connections, persistance, and sharpshooting skills someone made up the difference. Her lucky break came when she caught wind of plot against the mayor of Wayville (not Eliza's grandfather, who had retired several years prior) and thwarted the scheme just in the nick of time, earning the mayor's eternal gratitude and an offer to become part of his security team, which she accepted.


With her fortune quickly dwindling, all she has left is her jars of herbs, a distiller, her pocket knife, her impressively upgraded crossbow, more clothes and shoes than she really needs, and a truncheon.

Skills / Drawbacks

+ Knowledgeable herbalist,
+ Skilled crossbow shooter
+ Moderately handy with mechanical systems
+ Capable of holding her own in a melee
+ Bold and confident
+ Mediocre at sailing
- Not great at swimming
- Rather clumsy
- Vain
- Naive and gullible
- Highly impulsive
- Terrible at trading; doesn't understand the value of things
- Horribly irresponsible

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