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Summary: A quiet man

Arthur Silve (Blade)

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Gender: Male

Age: 32

Group: Adventurers / Player Characters

Physical Appearance

Arthur himself is an athletic and fit man, being taller then some, making him intimidating. He has a tanned appearance, with brown eyes. He keeps his blonde hair in a buzz cut so it doesn't get in his way.

He wears an black leather jacket and cloth pants with combat boots, he wears a white tshirt as well.

Personality and interests

He doesn't speak a lot, keeps to himself, being extremely shy and quiet. However he is just socially awkward and is a sweet person when you get to know him.

Brief History

Arthur was a city urchin from birth, abandoned when he was young. Surviving was his only objective, as he grew and learned from his surroundings. He adapted, started working at night, stealing resources, fighting for chits and resources.
In his teenage years he became a guard for the Atoll and helped fend off would-be pirates and the like, learning his skills from there.

Skills / Drawbacks

Skilled combatant-Can use swords, polearms, knives, firearms, and heavy melee weapons.

An excellent cook and knows how to treat some wounds, mostly burns, cuts, and infections
He is very shy and very social awkward. He doesn't talk a lot and can come off as rude.

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Image of Arthur Silve (Blade)
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