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Summary: Where there's one Depther, there are usually many


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Gender: All

Age: All

Group: Bad Guys

Physical Appearance

Humanoid sea creatures, covered in tough scales with an oversized mouth filled with rows of serrated teeth and vlaws capable od shredding leather armor. They are slightly smaller in stature than an average human.

Personality and interests

Crews tell tales of whole packs of them diving up out of the water and onto the decks of ships. Their only obvious interest is to kill those souls unfortunate enough to cross their path and lay their eggs inside their rotting corpses, which they leave to float aimlessly on their derelict ship.

Brief History

Are they sea creatures that evolved a humanoid shap or Mariners who lost the last shred of their humanity and dove into the waters for good?

Skills / Drawbacks

Sharp claws and teeth
Travel in packs

Hate fire
Somewhat physically weaker than a fit human

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Image of Depthers
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