This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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This game is based off the 1995 film: Waterworld. All players are encouraged to go watch it. But in all reality, the vast majority of pertinent information is summed up in the story description as well as the text below. Additional information:

Dirt: With the rising of the seas, dirt has become an immensely rare commodity and in essence, serves as Waterworld's most standard form of currency. Depending on the quality of the dirt, a single bag of it can be quite valuable. Beyond that, most commerce is done via the barter system.

Chits: Chits equal dirt in much the same way that dollars equal gold. When entering an Atoll, dirt is graded and chits are issued so as to avoid lugging around (and potentially dumping) jugs of dirt. A chit is only good at the Atoll that issues it, however.

Pure hydro: Purified, desalinated water

Guns: In Waterworld, firearms are actually fairly plentiful. Ammunition on the other hand is a slowly dwindling resource. Many have some but few have much. As such, crossbows and heavy deck mounted harpoon guns are common.

Smokers: Archetypal villains of Waterworld, the Smokers are the only faction with constant access to fuel. Based out of an aging tanker full of oil, they use this resource to full affect. Scouring the sea like the bloodthirsty pirates that they are, Smokers are the bane of every sailor's existence. Wolfpacks of waterskis and machinegun laden speedboats patrol a vast swath of ocean wherever they go.

Mariners: A rare few humans have adapted to Waterworld by developing specialized aquatic features. Some are normal looking enough to blend in with other humans and trade while others clearly aren't. But even the most average appearing Mariner will eventually give themself away to anyone who spends enough time around them. Most humans consider them to be mutant freaks and treat them with overwhelming contempt if not outright hostility. As such, most Mariners treat normal humans similarly. Mariners are solitary by nature and do not travel in groups.

The Flying Dutchman: Murdock's pride and joy. It's a metal hulled Trimaran type vessel. A double harpoon gun/winch is mounted on each nacelle and a single heavy harpoon gun is mounted at the bow.

Sea Hulks: Ancient vessels, dating back to the years before the melting of the ice caps. Endlessly battered by the unforgiving oceans and scavenged by passerbies, it's anyones's guess how they're still afloat. Who knows what might be crawling the rusty holds of these ghost ships? Those brave enough to find out may discover treasures beyond their dreams or horrors beyond their nightmares.

Depthers: Are they sea creatures that evolved a humanoid shap or Mariners who lost the last shred of their humanity and dove into the waters for good? Either way, they're vicious and deadly. Covered in tough scales with an oversized mouth filled with rows of serrated teeth, they are definitely predators. Crews tell tales of whole packs of them diving up out of the water and onto the decks of ships.

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