Fixed Up

Without going into too much detail, Jay was able to get himself fixed up. Some bandages, a stitch on his forehead, and some hydro. And, according to the constable figure, he still had several chits left from his trade.

He sipped on his hydro, his sunhat sitting on the table with a small satchel-like bag.

"So, you kill sum smokrs er sompin?" came a voice behind him.

Jay's eyes shifted up and to the side, taking a peripheral shot of the man. "Not today."

A greasy laugh came next. "'Spensive giffs AND a sense uh humr. You good, boy."

Jay peered at the man, craning his neck a bit. He finally cracked a slight grin and shook his head. The man didn't seem threatening, just an idiot, although Jay wasn't always the best judge of character. If they got into a trade, he might see more into the man. But for now, he seemed alright.

"Hit a'hydro for this one," Jay called over to the barkeep. "He made me laugh."

The barkeep chortled. "Bet ya needed it after whatever you went through." He served up a small cup for the ill-spoken man.

Jay gave no acknowledgement, although he had indeed been through a lot. He just didn't want to go through it with anyone at the moment. He continued to watch as the barkeep and the dumb guy kept chatting. It definitely seemed innocent, so he felt better about buying him a drink.

Eventually, he began to overhear conversations with a man named Murdock. Evidently he was crewing up. Perhaps that was a good next move, albeit a tad faster than he would have wanted. Jay remained at his seat until he could find a moment to approach the captain.

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