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"Alright Rigs... you're out in open water and your crew's busy hauling something big up from the depths. Could be anything. Could be the ticket to easy days for the rest of your life. Hell, probably is. But then your lookout catches sight of a Smoker speedboat on the horizon. They see you, too. You've seen my ship. You can imagine what it's capable of. What do you do?" Murdock asked.

He eyes Murdock for a moment thinking take a sip of water "Most would say cut and run. But that not the right answer all the time. To me, it depends on which band of smokers they are. If we do have to run well host all the sails put the whined at our back your rig can outrun most ships. But all that does not matter does it Murdock sir, it all up to you it's your boat your choice." He said with a grin.

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