Jefferson Fortingly's Interview

"Murdock, I will move on now. I would like to check things out. I start the prepping for tomorrow, if that's good?" Morgan had proposed.

Murdock was a little leery of such eagerness to climb aboard his ship. Had it been a younger sailor, he'd have immediately turned him down. But Morgan was old enough to know the consequences for breaking rules and trust on a ship. So he shrugged.

"So be it. But stay away from the aft cabin. If you think you hear anything, ignore it. It's off limits," Murdock said sternly enough so as to leave no room for discussion on the matter.

Morgan chuckled and turned to leave, "Good."

And as he left, a third prospect entered Murdock's field of vision. Judging by the way he carried himself, it looked like he had a wound he was trying to conceal. The drink in his hand was probably to help dull the pain. The man gulped it down before approaching him.

"Ello," he gave a nod of his head.

Murdock nodded in kind and gestured toward the the seat across from himself.

"I couldn't help overhear that you're taking on crew," the man said.

"That's right," Murdock replied simply.

"I'm fairly sure I can help you out," he said.

Murdock raised an eye

"I'll be the judge of that. Tell me about yourself. What do you have to offer? And how did you manage to get yourself bloodied up so bad? I'm not desperate enough to take on a liability," Murdock replied.

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