Jay's Interview, Part 2

"I'm fairly sure I can help you out," he said.

Murdock raised an eye

"I'll be the judge of that. Tell me about yourself. What do you have to offer? And how did you manage to get yourself bloodied up so bad? I'm not desperate enough to take on a liability," Murdock replied.

"Well," Jay said, leaning on the stool nearest him. "The injury is a tale for another time. Suffice it to say I'm left with my life and a small dingy as a result." He patted the bandaged area moderately. "I'm good though." It was mostly true...

"But, I have a gift of negotiations, so to say. I've been a trader almost my entire life. Lost almost everything, but still managed to save to small jars of goods." Jay motioned over to the bar. "I can offer you my coffers as a way to allow me back in the game, so to speak."

It was bold - basically trying to pay for his way onto the ship in order to prove himself and get back into his old job.

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