The start of a job.

As he walked up to the sailboat. He stopped and looked it over from the dock it looked sturdy enough. Rigs stepped on to it he could tell right away it was in good shape for a boat of the time. He walked over to the opening to the lower deck and toss his hammock roll down there for now. Rigs turned and walked to the shroud line and started to run his hand down it. It had almost no fraying. Whoever this Murdock was he took good care of his boat.

Rigs then waked almost the center of the sailboat to the mast. He looked at the base of it he ran his fingers over the metal plate. There were little stress cracks around the mast. With extra mast lines holding it in place, the mast was not going to break anytime soon. It could take a lot of stress "this boat is fast. faster than I thought" he mumbled.

Rigs could tell there was other unusual stuff equipped. It had some wind recharging system. Rigs scratch his head for a moment. Rigs knew little of it and did not mess with it. He would learn more about it later and what it was used for.

He walked to the back of the boat and ran his hands over the riggings and Boom. It was sturdy as well. Murdock put a lot of thought into this boat and now Rigs knew it. He chacked a few other rigging lines as he walked to the front of the boat. Rigs check the forestay of the Jib it could use some work. It was in ok shape. The old Sailer went over the whole boat from Bow to stern. Making mental notes of things the Boat my need. He scrounged around and found some tools trying not to mess with anything. There was a lot of strange stuff. Rigs did not have time right now to look everything over he had work to do and now was the time.

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