First supply load

There was not as much medical supplies as one had hoped, although the resident medic on this atoll did fairly decent getting Jay patched up. He replaced the patches Jay had put on himself with proper bandages and tape. As savage as things could get in Waterworld, most establishments could patch people up pretty well. You just had to get there, and not be a smoker or other dirtbag, and have some money. Jay fit all those, luckily.

Shortly after that, Jay made his way to the boat. The Flying Dutchman. It was a good boat from the looks of it, and seemed fairly sturdy and fit. He was a good judge of various objects and trade goods, but he was not the best at judging boats. That said, it did look good as he approached.

The trader had gathered as much supplies as he could. His "black gold" had traded up for all the medical supplies he needed, plus more for the boat. He grabbed some decent sized jugs of water as well, and kept his other jar of preciousness.

Evidently, another one of the crew was already onboard, and Jay thought he saw the man in the tavern earlier.

"Ahoy," he called out in a not-quite-shout. Jay wanted to announce himself without spooking the guy. The supply bags and water jugs were all strewn over his shoulders, although with a small personal satchel.

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