Eliza's Pitch

"I am. And you must be Ms. Hawthorne. Your reputation, such as it is, precedes you. Your neighbors label you a tramp. Yet, it's clear that no one's tried to take advantage of you. So, I know you can hold your own in a fight. I make it a point to avoid such trouble, but all the same it'll probably come in handy. But what else do you have to offer?" Murdock asked, clasping his hands in front of himself and leaning forward on his elbows.

Eliza grimaced. So Murdock had learned of her indiscretions, yet still seemed to be giving her a chance. If she didn't dig her grave any deeper, perhaps this chance could be enough...

"Indeed your observations are on point, Captain Murdock; I very much can hold my own in a fight. These bottom feeders love the part of the story where the mighty are brought low, but before that, and the reason I was even able to hold Conningham's gaze, was because I was on his security team. I didn't inherit this position, I earned it; by foiling an assassination plot on his life. Nor did my contributions end from there. Once, we were on a diplomatic mission on our way to the Atoll of Port Call when we encountered a Smoker reconnaissance patrol. We tried avoid them, but once they caught sight of the quality of our vessel, they saw the opportunity for a fat ransom and gave chase. Things might have gotten hairy had they not broken off pursuit... after I shot the their squad leader in the chest with a hemlock-laced dart at 250 yards. That wasn't just luck. Before I became the mayor's bodyguard, I was a bounty hunter, and I took down targets at 100 yards on multiple occassions. On another occasion, a band of burgulars broke into the mayors penthouse on my shift. I incapacitated two of them before backup arrived and we apprehended them. So you see Captain Murdock, I'm not just good in a fight, I'm extremely good..."

Eliza leaned back in her chair, crossed her legs, and got comfortable. She might have overstated the epicness of her deeds a bit, especially the run-in with the burgulars, which really had been a close call. Still, her future was at stake, now was not the time to hold back the punches, not if she didn't want to consider a career in prostitution. "But outside of my martial excellence," she continued, "I also offer more than a modicum of sailing experience, having owned my own boat that I routinely took for a spin until, well, last week. Let's see, what else... Well, I'm pretty handy. I've modified, maintained, and upgraded my own crossbow for years; I have my own toolset, spare pieces, and everything. I read a fair bit of literature on the topic of mechanical systems, so I imagine I could find my way around other such weapons as well. Oh, and if you are willing to let me use some deck space, I have a decent mobile garden, with a number of useful herbs, flowers, and seeds for making things from lubricants and cooking oil to pain killers and poisons..."

Eliza swallowed, straightened her posture, and met Murdock's unreadable gaze. Had she said enough? Nothing else was really coming to mind. She'd hoped her security experience would be enough, but the grizzled ship captain seemed confident in his ability to avoid trouble. She would also be really bummed if Murdock wouldn't let her set up her garden, as she'd been working on it for most of her adult life. Still not thinking of anything to say, Eliza waited for the next words to come from the man's mouth, words that could potentially decide her life's course for years to come...

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