Amateur Medicine and Crew Introductions

Once the adrenaline of the their miraculous escape dissipated, exhaustion began to set in.  Alas, there was a long day ahead, but first she needed to address the captain's order to help out her wounded comrade.  Eliza racked her brain for stuff she could use to help out Rigs as she followed Jay into the crew quarters.

"I could brew an opium tea to help him with the pain!" Eliza blurted as the two of them searched through their belongings for the items Murdock asked of them.

"Do what now?" Jay mumbled.

"I've used opium as natural a pain reliever on several occasions," Eliza explained.  "Stuff works like a charm."

"Well that explains a lot," Jay murmured.

"I'm not an addict!" Eliza protested.  "My parents taught me to use very small dosages and to use opium once in a blue moon."

"They were very wise.  I'd run your idea of drugging Rigs by Murdock and the old codger himself before you brew that concoction," Jay advised, pulling a roll of bandages from his pack before tying it back up.

"Good point," Eliza sighed.  "Maybe I should just get some aloe gel to help prevent infection... oh, and maybe some mint leaves for him to chew on!"

"Excellent ideas," Jay remarked as he ducked out of the crew quarters with his bandages.

Eliza rifled through her plant jars for the plants she had mentioned and tore off a chunk of aloe vera and a few mint leaves before carefully placing her jars back into her bag.  By the time she made it back onto the deck, Jay had already tied a tourniquet around Rigs' leg above the wound and was working on applying the bandages.  "I've got some mint leaves for you to nibble on to get your mind off the throbbing pain in your leg!" Eliza announced, handing the leaves to Rigs before she began to squirt gel out of her aloe leaf onto the injured sailor's wound.

Eventually, she and Jay finished their work and backed away to give Rigs some breathing room, leaving the five sailors in something of a circle in which an awkward silence pervaded... until it was at last broken by the thin fellow who had unlocked the gate. "I... uh... thank you... thank you all... for not just leaving me to those... those people."

"No problem mate," Jay smiled.  "Thank you for braving the guards and getting that gate open for us.  I don't think we've met.  The name is Jefferson Fortingly, but I generally go by Jay."  He started to reach out for a handshake, but seeing some of the older sailor's blood still on his hand, he thought better of it.  "What do you call yourself?"

"Well... uh... my name is Riz," the swarthier man replied, "but most people call me Worm, so... yeah."

"My name is Eliza Hawthorne," she volunteered, "yet people have taken to calling me The Mayor's Bitch, That Whore, or something else along those lines.  Needless to say, I'd prefer you didn't call me one of those titles, as believe it or not, I actually do have some self respect.  Nope, Eliza or Miss Hawthorne will do."

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