An unexpected new crewmen

The black hulled sloop sailed on, long after any sign of their quarry had dissapeared into the distance. But the stubborn Enforcer captain simply refused to turn back, even as the days dragged on into more than a week at sea. Lady Conningham had promised him quite the reward, should he return with the Hawthorne tramp's head... and quite she opposite, should he fail. So he drove his crew on, ignoring all protests. On the seventh day, he'd slit the throat of one of his best Enforcers when the man had refused to back down.

Now, on the evening of the thirteenth day, he was looking at a full-blown mutiny. Even trade routes to other Atolls were treacherous, and this here was anything but business as usual. The tension on deck was downright palpable.

The Captain held his spear at the ready. Any moment now, one- or may all of his crewmen were going to turn on him. Well, he'd take a few down with him! Maybe even enough to knock the rest back in line. Then his eyes spotted one of them headed his way. Then another, and another! He tightened his grip.

"Oy! Straight ahead!" the lookout suddenly called from the crow's nest.

And just like that, they all returned to their stations. He wouldn't forget their faces once they'd returned to Wayville, though. That was for certain. But for now, he fetched his binoculars and headed to the bow of the ship. It was out there, way out there. But he could see some sort of light, flickering in the distance. Was their ship on fire? Hell, it didn't matter.

"It's them!" he bellowed, hoping it was true. "Full sail! Everyone get ready to attack!"

All around him, men began to hastily move.

And frome somewhere amongst them, he was certain he heard a voice grumble, "...Better be or it's your head."

He glanced down at his hand. His knuckles had gone white from gripping the spear so tightly.


Arthur was one of the first to act, walking beside his captain. He offered him a small stone for him to sharpen his blade. He didn't like how his Captain was but he followed orders, well at least followed the orders of those he thought he had to listen to.
As the ship got closer to the enemy, he noticed something in the water. He cleared his throat to get the attention of his captain.


"Eh? What is it?" the Enforcer Captan barked, brown spittle flying from between his cracked lips.

But even as he spoke, the ship drew near enough that he could make out the telltale ripples in the water. Shit! Just what he didn't need.

"Shut up, you fool! Full ahead!" he bellowed.

No point in saying anything to the rest of the crew. The cowards would just try to turn and run. So what if a few of them perished? The lot were about to turn on him anyway!

The Trimaran wasn't exactly on fire, though there were definitely flames on the deck. The crew appeared to be using it to keep the Depthers at bay. ...And then one of the dimwits finally noticed the monsters.

"Depthers!" the fool called out.

He jabbed the man in gut with the back of his spear, causing him to double over.

"Pull up alongside them! Prepare to board!" he ordered.

But even as he spoke, the Depthers began to swarm towards the approaching vessel.


Arthur couldn't just let these people die. And this fool was going to kill anyone who opposed him. He couldn't believe what he was doing.

He stepped away, to make it seem like he was leaving as ordered. However he turned back around with his sword drawn and placed it at the captain's throat and spoke,"We should leave. Too many of them. We can fish their bodies once the Depthers have dealt with them."


The Enforcer Captan couldn't believe what he was hearing. One of his most loyal men was turning on him!

"Boy!" he screamed in Arthur's face a moment before lifting his spear to attack him.

But that fateful clash of captain and subordinate would never come to pass. Like moths drawn from one flickering light to a brighter one, Depthers began to descend on the sloop. One, then two clawed grey appendages appeared on the railing nearby. Then a head, followed by shoulders and soon the entire creature was onboard, followed by dozens more! It lept onto the enraged Enforcer captain and gouged his throat out with its serrated teeth.

To his credit, the Captain actually managed to take a step back and weakly jab at the Depther with his spear, even as bright red arterial blood sprayed from his throat. It ofcourse amounted to absolutely nothing and the creature simply watched as he then toppled over and died. And with that, any semblance of command structure died too. Chaos began to ensue as the hapless crew fought for their lives.


The Flying Dutchman, her deck still burning, began to pull anchor and ready its sails for a timely getaway.


Arthur looked at his options. He could jump onto the Flying Dutchman and join a pirate crew. Or he could stay loyal and die on the ship. Well, there was a problem. He couldn't stay loyal if he already tried to mutiny his captain. He didn't have a choice in the matter anyways, so he jumped. He barrel rolled onto the ship of the Flying Dutchman, putting out some of the fire as he rolled. He sat up and stomped on the flames on the ship, attempting to put them out, as well as smacking some of the flames on his jacket.


When Arther looked up, it was to the sight of a bewildered and not necessarily well-dispositioned crew. In particular, a grey eyed captain was pointing a very menacing looking spear gun in his direction.

"And who the hell might you be?" he asked.


Arthur looked around for a minute before pointing at his chaotic ship, "Mutiny, captain is dead. My fault."

He looked at the fire still on the ship before looking back at the man.

"Fire," he said and pointed at it.

He wasn't good with words or talking. He was more of a man of action, literally.


Murdock lowered his weapon slightly.

Raising an eyebrow and shooting a glance towards Rigs, "He's not a dunce, is he?"

The old codger shrugged.

"Shit! Just keep putting the fire out. I'll kill you later," Murdock finally said, lowering his speargun altogether and turning back toward the task at hand which was getting his ship and crew to safety.

...They'd have to find their big payday somewhere else.

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