Welcome stranger

Murdock lowered his weapon slightly.

Raising an eyebrow and shooting a glance towards Rigs, "He's not a dunce, is he?"

The old codger shrugged.

"Shit! Just keep putting the fire out. I'll kill you later," Murdock finally said, lowering his speargun altogether and turning back toward the task at hand which was getting his ship and crew to safety.

Rigs had just pulled up the makeshift anchor. All it was, was a bucket tied to a rope but it would slow the boat so it did not drift much. He just dumped the seawater on the deck putting out the flames.

Now he had to deal with the newcomer. Without any warning he rolled from portside, underneath the jibs sheet, and to the starboard side with his kukri, putting it to the newcomer's throat.

"I would ask the Cap for permission to come to a board," Rigs strongly suggested. "Oh, names Rigs," he said, sure the newcomer had a moment of deja vu.

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