So I Set the World on Fire

Anybody got a match? These things hate fire!"

Despite Eliza's best efforts, she and the crew on the deck were fought back by the horde of scaly communists. Although Eliza did coincidently happen to have a match on her, she didn't see any way in which she'd be able to put it to good use... until Rigs spilled oil all over the deck. Parrying a slash from one of the beasts with her truncheon, Eliza followed up with a strike across the mouth and a kick to the chest that sent it reeling. Given some breathing room, she reached into one of her pockets with her free hand and pulled out her matchbox. She then proceeded to fit the matchbox into her right hand (which was still holding her nightstick) and scraped a match that she was gripping in her left hand against it, starting a small flame. Carefully moving toward the area Rigs had spilled the oil, Eliza fought back another depther until she was close enough to cast her lit match onto the puddle.

The fire erupted quickly, igniting several of the fiends immediately. The hapless creature's terrible cries clearly rattled the other creatures, and after recovering from her own shock, Eliza was quick to counterattack, which when her comrades joined her allowed the crew to rout the attackers... who then decided to move onto another boat that appeared to have been drawn to the Dutchman like a moth to, well, a flame. Speaking of which, the Dutchman was still on fire and the fiends would return once the fire died down. Captain Murdock took advantage of the reprieve to get the Dutchman moving away to safety, but not before a crewman from the other boat managed to leap onto the Dutchman. Rigs quickly put a knife against the man as Eliza worked on putting out the flame and Riz scared off the remaining commies with his now-flaming spear. While Eliza thought she somehow recognized the newcomer, she didn't get a chance to focus too much on that as she repeatedly filled buckets with seawater while the boat was moving while struggling to not drop them nor fall overboard (which was not an easy task) and then running across the blood stained deck with the two heavy buckets without slipping or prematurely spilling the contents (which was also not an easy task).

However, as the sun fell out of the sky, it appeared that the crew had survived this terrible encounter with the monsters of the deep. Or had they?

Where was Jay?

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