Welcome stranger, indeed

As the screams of the sloop's doomed crew faded into the distant night, the crew of the Flying Dutchman began to take stock of their own losses. Not only had they failed to retain any of their salvage, but the boat had been damaged and some equipment thrown overboard. Worse yet, at some point during the battle, one of them had dissapeared. The trader- Jay, had dissapeared without anyone even noticing. He was all but surely dead.

"Damn!" Murdock cursed his rotten luck.

It was a miracle they'd escaped that situation at all. He eyed up the newcomer as Rigs approached him with his blade drawn. Huh? The man didn't so much as flinch. Dunce or not, he had nerves of steel.

"Rigs, settle down! I said I'd wait 'till later to kill him," he called. Then to the newcomer, "Who are you? What's your story?"

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