A turn of luck!

As the newcomer explained himself, Murdock's mind was mostly focused on where else they could put down their hooks. Supplies needed to be stocked and equipment replaced, and that wasn't cheap by any means. Hours passed and soon the sun began to creep back up over the blue horizon.

His eyes burned and his shoulders felt heavy. He was tired. They'd spent the entire night putting as much distance between themselves and the doomed sloop as they possibly could, with barely a few hours of sleep dispersed amongst them.

"Arthur, we're down a man, so you're part of the crew now. Deal with it or swim," he said after much deliberation.

It was a risk, sure. But Murdock was a good judge of character. This man was no killer. Dunce, maybe. But not a killer. And neither was Murdock, if he could help it.

"Miss Hawthorne, if you wouldn't mind take first watch with Worm and our new recruit? You have the helm. Rigs and I'll take over in a couple hours," he said.

And with that, he headed down to his cabin. But no sooner had the door shut and latched, then the entire crew heard him exclaim.

"What!? Here?" he yelled.

A moment later, the excited captain came bursting out of his cabin. He slammed the door shut behind him and rushed past a mildly bewildered Rigs and up onto the deck. The sun wasn't completely up and he could still make out the stars enough to take a quick reading before they faded into the morning light.

"I knew it! We're exactly where I thought," he said, raising an eyebrow and shifting a topographical map onto the top of his stack. "The landscape must have shifted. Hah, what luck! Somebody cut the sails! Rigs, get your ass up here and drop the anchor. Miss Hawthorne, new guy, ready the hooks. Worm, it's even more shallow here and there might be a wreck down there somewhere. Find a container and get diving."

Orders given, he watched as he crew went to work.

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