Riz's journey to the bottom

As the the bottom of the Flying Dutchman became smaller and smaller behind Riz, the oceanic floor became more and more clear. There were concrete structures- buildings, covered in green algi and seaweed. Some had crumbled to pieces, but most continued to stand the test of time. Fish of all sorts swam back and forth amongst them. It was all very surreal.

And in the center of this ancient cityscape, nose planted into the ground, was a gigantic ship. It was long and cylindrical with what Riz could surely only call wings coming out of it. One was crumpled and thoroughly destroyed, while the other was largely intact. Ancient man would have recognized it as a cargo plain.

The tentacle of a gargantuan octopus was wrapped around the base and another around the skyward tail of the craft. Alien eyes regarded Riz with mild disinterest.

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