A Little Help Here?

The sun was unbearable most days in the mid-afternoon, although most people were clever or fortunate enough to rig some sort of shade mechanism. It was a requirement if you didn't want to burn or melt. And in his prior boat, Jay had a full cabin down in the hull, with nice breezeway window slits. It was glorious.

But today... today was really hot. This boat was an upgraded dingy. An old sail was draped over part of it for shade, and then a few boards were setup as a make-shift 'compartment'. It provided enough privacy, if one needed that these days, and it was a decent shelter from the elements.

Jay was parched and he was hot and sunburned. His wounds were not doing as well as he'd hoped. And he was ready to get back to some semblance of normalcy. It was a good thing he was able to chart himself to this atoll that was coming up...


His dingy floated up with a half-ass wind blowing his half-ass sail, and the man waved a makeshift flag to indicate he was here to trade and resupply. He needed more than that, like a new job or a boat, but he'd start with supplies.

"A lil help here?" he called out in a raspy voice.

"Hey, uh..." A voice of one of the wall guards called back, apparently inspecting Jay's poor accommodations. "Not sure you have much to trade with."

Jay shook his head, grabbing the 'tarp' down to make himself more visible. "I just need some supplies and some stitches."

The guard seemed unimpressed by the wounds. Or maybe discompassionate was a better word? There was no reply.

"Listen, fine, I got stuff." He usually spoke in a more casual vernacular and left his 'finer' speech patterns hidden. Jay reached down into the folds of the boat and grabbed two small jars, and held them up so the guard could see.

There was a pause, a shocked look, and then some whispers up on the wall. And within 10-20 seconds the gate was opening and Jay was being motioned in. He didn't want to have to play that card so soon, but he really needed help.

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