Riz risked the hidden passage and was able to bring up two loads of cargo crates, as much as he could with both hands.

On the third try, he found a large crate that was still in really good condition, but it was incredibly heavy and wedged in between other supplies. He hooked it onto the line and pulled but the crew aboard the Flying Dutchman struggled to bring it up so Riz put his back against the inside of the fuselage and used his legs as leverage to kick the crates out of the way.

Some of them fell to the bottom and he felt the aircraft stir. The octopus was moving now, awakened by the commotion. The good news was the crate was on its way out of the aircraft. Riz took a deep breath from the stale air bubble and followed the line out but something had attached itself to his leg.

The octopus wrapped another arm around his waist. Riz kicked and writhed to get out of the grasp of its strong appendages to no avail. He would now either drown or be poisoned and digested by a giant pseudopod.

It was the knife that saved him; the knife that Murdock had given him during their escape from the atoll. He still had one arm free and gave the octopus hell by slicing off the arm the had coiled around his torso. It reacted immediately, pulling back fast from the pain and loosened its other arm.

Riz swam to the surface, sputtering and choking on the brine. He was able to salvage some cargo as well as his life. But was the octopus done with him?

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