The Curse of the Flying Dutchman

"Jay will be missed, Miss Hawthorne. We all mourn his loss," Murdock said soberly. Then, with a slight snicker, "As long as I live, I don't think I'll ever be able to forget that mermaid joke he told. It was without a doubt the worst joke I've ever heard."

Eliza grimaced.  She too had heard the ribald joke in question.  Hopefully that would not end up being her most prominent memory of their former comrade.

Then she felt a weight at the end of the line, and upon comprehending the significance of that detail, she began to reel the hook in... only for it to not budge.  "What the fuck?" Eliza growled.  She and Arthur continued to yank on the line until at last something shifted, allowing them to finally make progress.

Several minutes of strenuous reeling later, whatever was at the end of the line emerged from the depths of the ocean.  To her surprise, she and Arthur soon found themselves struggling to lift a large, shockingly well-intact crate onto the deck.  However, before they could try to figure out how to break it open and get at the contents, Riz broke to the surface, and it was clear that he was not fairing well.

The source of his distress soon became apparent as a monstrous tentacle gripped the ship as they pulled their wounded comrade aboard.  A frantic burst of activity followed as Eliza and the others struggled to free the Dutchman from the beast without losing a nacelle, and somehow they emerged victorious... mostly.  During the battle, the cargo container had been damaged and most of it's contents had been left floating in the sea as the Dutchman sailed for safety.  It seemed there was no good luck to be had for them yet again.

And then something emerged in the horizon.  Having gotten used to the endlessness of the blue sea, Eliza could barely believe her eyes.  Naturally, the Dutchman was drawn towards the mysterious something like a moth to a flame, and soon she could make out a massive rusted hulk of some kind of primeval vessel of sorts.

"Helm! Six degrees to the starboard!" the captain ordered. Then addressing the crew as a whole, he began, "Everyone, this voyage hasn't been what I'd envisioned. We've lost a man, been beaten to hell and back, and still have nothing to show for it. Indeed, the argument could be made that I haven't been the best captain. And if that's what you all believe, then all I can offer is a deep apology. But, if you'll follow me just once more into the breach... I hope and prey that you won't regret it. Now, grab every weapon you can find and get ready to board!"

Indeed, Eliza had begun to lose hope of surviving this voyage with anything to show for her efforts, and truthfully she feared that she was about to walk into another disaster, but nonetheless she would follow Murdock onto that strange floating metal thing simply because she saw no other option.  Grabbing her crossbow and bag of bolts, and hooking her truncheon to her belt, she nodded grimly once she was ready to go.  If she were to die in there, so be it.  Hopefully her demise wouldn't be too painful...

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