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Summary: The Foyle's Captain

William Balfour

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Gender: Male

Age: 54

Group: Command

Planet of Origin and Species

Human of The Caldos Colony


Captain (CO of the Foyle)


Balfour was born on the Calbos colony, a small Federation colony some 200 light years from Earth. His family were prominent members of the colony, with one member serving on the Govenor's staff.

Balfour himself was, when he was younger, eager to leave. Any chance he got, he would take tours of the system just to feel his feet leave Caldos soil. He didn't have that anchor to home that all Caldosians, and Scots, do. Starfleet was a natural choice for Balfour.

But thrust from the quiet village life of Caldos to the metropolis rush of Earth and San Fransico was hard for Balfour. Safe to say, he didn't like it. The schedule, regime, the constant bashing of Federation and Starfleet doctrine was not what Balfour had hoped for.

Tumbling his way through the Academy, many were suprised that he continued to pass. Balfour was far from a A-rated student. In fact, he wasn't actually that good.

If it hadn't been for the Dominion War, it was likely the Balfour would ever have made Captain. The Federation, pressed for the need to recruit more crew, made some choices in promotions that might seem questionable.

Now in the post-war galaxy, Balfour retains his rank and is captain of a new vessel: the Foyle, a ship Balfour has a particular attachment too.

Personality and interests

Balfour now longs to return to the quiet life of Caldos, but his attachment to duty keeps him to Starfleet for a little while longer. Although Balfour would clarify it is not an attachment to Starfleet.

Balfour is a charming and friendly enough man, but can at time seems gruff and unreasonable. Stubborn, too, and will follow through with an action even if advice from others is against it.


Balfour is often described as scruffy and worn, and not the image of a Starfleet captain that many might think of. His hair has greyed and bags hang under his eyes.

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Image of William Balfour
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