Image of Mace Fermore; Lord Protector

Summary: I will find my father and kill him

Mace Fermore; Lord Protector

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Gender: Male

Age: 29 (Actually 138)

Group: Nobles


Crysline/Human - raised an Outsider, trying to find his way in Gonzina and who his father is... so he can kill him.


Looking for work.

Immune to pain and his bones won't break (see 'Magic' for reason).

Very good in a fight.


Lord Protector

Physical Appearance

Tall, handsome, with cut features.

Personality and interests

Very charming and friendly but is very proud and doesn't take insults well.


His mother, a human, was a servant of a House of Gonzina. The master forced himself on her, fathering Mace. She was cast into Deathlands once they found out she was pregnant. Fearful she would never survive and see her child to adulthood and safety, she made a pact with a demon to give her long life in exchange for her soul. The effects on Mace are detailed below.

Magic Abilities

Cursed Magic - Mace has aged very slowly. It was only recently he found out how old he actually was - time meaning little in the Deathlands. His mother just passed away and she told him everything about his past. She lived see him to his age and then was killed when their tribe was attacked so Mace only learned very little before she died.

The demon was unable to take Mace's soul as well, so he cursed him. While he doesn't feel pain, his bones won't break, and he ages slowly, when he anything happens that causes him to bleed he goes into a rage that is hard to quell. In fights as a child he beat more than one kid to death and then a few other grownups who tried to step in to stop him.

He's learned some control over it, but only a little. And with every life he takes, he feels a bit of himself being taken... the demon inching closer and closer to claiming his soul when Mace is at his weakest.


He found a dead man on the way to Gonzina. Someone had killed someone of means and meant to dispose of the body out of the city where it wouldn't, ideally, be found. They'd robbed it but missed a hidden pouch containing the equivalent of 3 months of a working man's wages.

Mace has a dirty suit and that much money.

Lastly, he has a scrap of cloth, the only memory after more than a century his mother had of the master who defiled her and cast her out. An emblem she tore from his coat in despair as he threw her out. The symbol... a rose.

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Image of Mace Fermore; Lord Protector
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