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Summary: Wanders of Dreams, Healer

Prudence Vivian Chambers

Gender: female

Age: 23

Group: Upper Class


Crysline-human hybrid
Wanders of Dreams (church)


Healing Priestess, practitioner of last rites


Sanctified Healer

Physical Appearance

Pale skin, willowy frame. Hair to the start of her jawbone is very light gray with slight streaks of pale pink, from jaw to the end of its length is a pale faded pink, though not dyed. it was once red. Black cleric dress, well shined black hard soled shoes, a large onyx cross necklace and a choker depicting the church's own symbol, and tight black leather gloves. Her eye makeup is almost always running.

Personality and interests

Kind but easy to fly off the handle during a migraine episode. During these episodes she some times wanders in a fugue state for short (seemingly) burst of time.

She knows little of activities outside the church but enjoys cooking when allowed the time.


A child born to a less than kind family she was given to the church as both a payment for an unknown service rendered. Though she grew up knowing the names of her true parents and after the age of 14 was allowed to see them if she wished she never took the offer. At a young age she showed potential in healing arts. Given a book by a visiting preacher no one knew when she told the others his name gave her a book. It increased her healing powers, but came at a cost. Horrific nightmares, migraines, and whitening of her hair.

Magic Abilities

Magical Healing given to her after receiving a copy of her church's holy book that was said to be touch by their god himself. Though this was in same way true it's also a lie. The magic is cursed and is slowly ruining her mind and body.


Cursed 'Holy' Book
The clothes on her back.

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Image of Prudence Vivian Chambers
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