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Summary: Anyone want to see how many Gruvin it takes to take down a Wint?

Faro Vorsh

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Gender: Male

Age: 29

Group: Lower Class



Runs a small crime ring, focusing on fighting pits.


Crime boss of a couple dozen

Great with pistols and his men, even those much larger than him, fear him.


Boss of his crew

Physical Appearance

Average size of a Gruvin, greenish skin

Personality and interests

Cutthroat and cigars


Growing up in the slums he saw that the powerful rose in prominence. He tried and was nearly killed by a crime boss. He worked hard, hardened himself, and slaughtered the boss and took over his crew.

And... he's Regal's older brother.

Magic Abilities

None - HATES magic.


Always has at least a pair of pistols on him, a hidden dagger or two, and a cigar.

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Image of Faro Vorsh
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